When the mortar joints of your bricks are crumbling and missing, it is time for some repair. We can repoint your brick wall, walkway, retaining wall, or otherwise. Repointing is the process of removing old failing mortar and replacing with new mortar. When Duffley Development Co repoints your brickwork, you can be certain we do it the right way.

We don’t just add new mortar on top of your already dried out, destroyed mortar. We remove the original mortar down to ¾ of an inch to ensure that we have a great base and a solid bond when putting new mortar in. This is important as it drastically increases the lifespan of the new mortar, rather than just falling out once more a few years later. After removing the mortar, we pressure wash the brick and mortar joints to ensure that we’ve cleared it of debris. This also means that we can match the actual color of the mortar. Once we identify the correct color, we custom mix the mortar color to match the existing building, using the correct ratio of lime to ensure that the mortar is not too hard.

These are important preparatory steps that ensure you will have a long lasting brick façade well after we’ve completed the repair, before your bricks and stones start falling out. Even if your brick has gotten to that point, we can restore it to its former beauty by replacing and repairing your masonry with new materials while carefully matching color and tone to the best of our ability.

Check out our gallery of before and after masonry restoration projects below. You may be surprised by how drastic the results can be.

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