Have caulking or expansion joints on your building that are cracked, falling out and failing? Caulking and sealing is important to keep water from entering into the stone and masonry and destroying what is beneath it. A freeze-thaw cycle can make this infinitely worse – you don’t want water freezing between your masonry exterior and inside of your walls, causing extensive damage both from water seeping in and from the expansion of ice.

Re-caulking and sealing a building is important in the life cycle of any building. Any caulking job, no matter how good it may have been done, can fall apart over time. That is just the nature of the materials that can break down over time, especially if exposed to a lot of rough weather such as rain and snow.

At Duffley Development Co, we use the highest quality products and the industry’s highest standards installation methods which include proper preparation, priming, backer rod, and installation. We want to make sure that your caulking or sealing job lasts as long as it can and doesn’t leak. We’re committed to making the most of your building and keeping it from being damaged any further from water or otherwise that may have entered through old, failing caulking or sealant.

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