Decorative Masonry Restoration

St. Mary's Academy Dover - After

St. Mary’s Academy Dover – After

Do you have older buildings? Many historical buildings have some form of decorative masonry. Whether it be an intricate limestone pattern or a concrete casting with detailed cornice molding, successful repairs demand the highest quality materials and installation techniques.

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Concrete Restoration

Deerfield Library - After

Deerfield Library – After

Is your sidewalk, staircase or retaining wall unsafe, deteriorating or unsightly? Cracks, erosion, rebar rust and uneven “trip hazards” can be problematic. Consider repair over replacement. Repairing and recoating is usually more affordable and less disruptive.

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Masonry Restoration

St. Anthony’s School Manchester

St. Anthony’s School Manchester- After shot of the upper band of bricks repointed

Are the mortar joints of your bricks crumbling or missing all-together? Repointing is the process of removing old failing mortar and replacing it with the appropriate mortar product. Our standard is to cut back a minimum ¾ of an inch to ensure a lasting bond versus a “slap-on and fill” approach. Each job is completed with precision and care.

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St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Derry

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Derry-Granite steps being caulked

Have caulking or expansion joints cracked, fallen out or failed? Water intrusion can cause costly damage to the area through the absorption and freeze-thaw cycle. We practice the industry’s highest work standard, following a specific procedure including proper preparation, priming, backer rod and product installation.

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Parking Garages

Elliot Hospital Manchester

Elliot Hospital Manchester- Pressure washing before/after

Do you have a parking garage that has water leaking from one level to another? Is the concrete damaged, deteriorating or causing a “trip hazard”? We can service all your parking garage needs. Our proactive, common sense approach is cost effective and will help you to preserve your investment.

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Building & Masonry Cleaning

St. Mary’s Academy Dover

St. Mary’s Academy Dover- Years of moss and pollution removed

Is your building or monument showing signs of dirt, grime and mold or displaying the effects of pollutants over the years? Give your building new life and preserve its exterior with our pressure washing and specialized water repellents or coatings.

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Granite Resetting

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Derry

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Derry-Granite steps have been reset

Do not take your steps for ‘granite’! Have your granite steps become heaved or uneven? We can remedy these problems and restore your staircase to its original condition. Once reset, our caulking sealants will ensure prevention of unleveled and misaligned steps from re-occurring in the future.

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Water Repellents

Brooks Properties Salem

Brooks Properties Salem- Water repellent applied to protect concrete topping was applied

Looking to preserve and protect your building or monument? Applying water repellent to the existing surface of a structure will help extend its life, while also guarding against corrosion and future deterioration.

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