Granite steps and landings over time will shift and move. This is usually part of the process of extended ownership of granite pieces. We often see granite shift and move due to water getting in and settling behind the granite, sometimes freezing and pushing up or out the slab of granite. If you’ve seen your granite piece start to shift away from where it was originally, this may have happened to you.

The good news is that granite is very durable. Your granite piece can be reset if it has dropped, become unlevel, or moved out of alignment. Once we reset your granite piece, we can then use our new and improved caulking and sealants to prevent water from re-entering your granite again. This caulking and sealing process with prevent movement of your granite piece in the future, eliminating the freeze-thaw cycle from shifting your granite out of alignment once more.

Whether your granite piece is a patio, walkway, granite slab, granite memorial, or otherwise, we service all types and shapes of granite, restoring them to their former glory. Some places we’ve worked are:

  • Granite memorials in cemeteries and parks
  • Granite steps
  • Granite patios
  • Granite mailboxes

Still not sure what we can do for your granite? Check out our gallery below to see some examples of drastic before and after granite resetting from some of our clients. You may be surprised by the difference!

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