Many older historical buildings we work on have some form of decorative masonry. Whether this is intricate limestone pattern or a concrete casting with detailed cornice molding, we know that this piece of decorative masonry is important to your building’s charm and look. We understand that no matter how small the decorative piece, it’s important for recognizability for your business and historic building. That’s why we take great care in repairing, restoring, and cleaning your intricate decorative masonry.

We use the highest quality materials and installation techniques specifically for repairing intricate masonry patterns and details .We want to make sure that your decorative masonry restoration for your historic building lasts as long as it can with professional, high-quality materials and long-lasting preparation techniques that will leave your building looking beautiful.

We constantly say the worst part about our job is the fact that once we complete the work, it’s impossible to tell that we have been there. Most of the time decorative masonry restoration means the building is restored to its former glory – meaning you and your customers won’t even know that there were cracks, pieces missing, or otherwise.

Not sure how well we can restore your piece of decorative masonry? Take a look at our gallery below full of before and after pictures of some of the decorative masonry restoration we’ve done. You may be surprised by the results – often times we are!

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