Many buildings have collected dirt, grime, mold and pollutants over the years giving them a dingy, dirty look. Building façade cleaning is important because grime and mildew can drive people from your business. Much of this unappealing look can be easily solved with building cleaning us pressure washing and specialized cleaning solutions. Customers much prefer a clean building exterior. We can help you to remove excess mold, mildew, moss, and other build up on the exterior of your building the correct way.

Often times, you may not even notice the dirt build up on your building until it starts to get really bad. Just like washing your deck or your home, you only notice the difference once we start cleaning – and then you really know the difference between a clean and dirty building.

It’s important for historic buildings and others with masonry for cleaning to be done in a proper and professional manner. Certain types of corrosive cleaners can eat into your precious and expensive concrete, brick, or masonry and damage it. We want to make sure your building is clean – not damaged – so we know how to clear and clean your building façade without destroying your masonry. We have non-corrosive methods including pressure washing and otherwise to get your building into looking like new and really drive visitors to visit your building.

Some areas we have conducted building and masonry cleaning on have been:

  • Parking garages
  • Historic and new hospitals
  • Historic and new buildings
  • Historic and new schools
  • Walkways, landings, and more

At Duffley Development Co, we service residential properties, small businesses, commercial and corporate spaces, and anywhere in between. Check out our gallery below of before and after building cleaning projects to see what we can do for you. Contact us today to get your building façade cleaning off the ground.

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