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Christopher Duffley sings "Open the Eyes of my Heart" July 29, 2012 with

Paul Baloche

 songwriter and worship leader.  The Sunday evening services was at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler TX.  It was a beautiful and inspirational time!

Grace Duffley, Paul Colman & Christopher Duffley

(click here to watch Christopher & Paul live)

Christopher Duffley is a blind and Autistic singer and multi-instrumentalist. Born prematurely at 26 wks, Christopher weighed only 1 lb 12 oz at birth and was rendered blind due to Retinopathy of Prematurity.

Stephen and Christine Duffley, Christopher's adopted parents, shared their love for music with their son at an early age. Much to their surprise, Christopher began singing before he could hold a conversation. His first instrument was piano. He also loves to experiment with a variety of instruments including trumpet, guitar, and drums. Experts have determined that Christopher has perfect pitch and he has great musical potential. 

      Christopher's first public performance during first grade at Northwest Elementary School in Manchester, New Hampshire. On that occasion Christopher sang the Star Spangled Banner at a Memorial Day Assembly for family and  Veterans. Since that time, he has sung the national anthem at over 100 sporting events, fundraisers, events for autism, local non-profits, as well as bringing joy to nursing homes and church events.  Most notably, Christopher has performed the national anthem at Fenway Park (July 2011) and  NASCAR racing (Sept. 2011) which was his first major TV performance.   He has also been featured at galas and conferences all over the US.

    Christopher's story and music were featured by four major media outlets in the spring of 2011. He also has received millions of  views on  YouTube, Godvine &  GodTube. He now has four recordings on itunes.  If you are touched by Christopher's music, be sure to "Like" his fan page on Facebook where you can watch clips of performances and keep track of his appearances.For Christopher's full story click here for Union Leader Front Page Story


SoulFest 2012

Mainstage with Matt Maher 

 "Your Grace is Enough"


Christopher in Las Vegas